• Coal Council of Australia

It's time for the Queensland government to start governing.

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Statement by Greg Evans, Chief Executive

The Queensland government must draw a close to the stalling tactics and unequivocally

back the development of the Adani Carmichael project in the Galilee Basin.

Federal Labor also needs to stand squarely behind the project and recognise the

contribution of coal to the national economy.

The project has satisfied every legitimate environmental and technical requirement, and

there is little doubt amongst mainstream Queenslanders it has been held up for political

reasons and by the pressure applied by green activists.

The case couldn’t be clearer. The project and further development in the basin will provide

jobs and a much-needed boost to the regional economies of central and north Queensland.

Demand for thermal coal remains strong with analysts Commodity Insights forecasting an

extra 400 million tonnes annually of import demand from Asia by 2030.

If Australia doesn’t help meet this increase, there is no doubt other foreign suppliers will

step in, and we will forego a significant economic benefit. Also, inferior quality coal is likely

to be utilised unnecessarily contributing to higher emissions.

Thousands of job seekers between Gladstone and Townsville have shown interest in

working on the opening of a new coal basin. The government must now let it proceed

without further delay.

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